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Let's work together for a more sustainable world

Are you one of those people who doesn’t like to wait for someone else to make the first move? Do you believe that individuals and groups can both play a role in solving our global problems?

TEDxDanubia Action Circles are committed to taking active steps to improve the climate situation.

If you haven't done so already, start an Action Circle yourself, or show your existing initiative here! Set a specific goal to achieve positive change in our immediate environment, and we will help you achieve your goals and communicate them!

Whether your plan is to protect the trees in the nearby park with the help of a small group, collect garbage in the district, hold awareness-raising campaigns at the university or in your own business, company-level commitment and involvement, or a regional flagship initiative - the goal is one and the same: LET’S JOIN FORCES AND ACT NOW so that our children may look forward to a beautiful, green, healthy and happy future!

What is this?

Action Circles are self-organizing circles of up to 10 people aimed at becoming the engine of our community’s commitment to tackling climate change. (1) They undertake and implement a specific action and goal, (2) help promote our community-building programs, and (3) participate as co-creators in shaping the 2021 TEDxDanubia Countdown event through their meaningful feedback.

Who is it for?

What participants have in common is that they agree with our basic principles: whether we do something for sustainable development, take action to stop climate change, is longer an option, but should be one of our most important activities. The members of Action Circle are not only aware that climate change is the responsibility of all of us and that we all need to be involved, they are also willing to take action. Instead of fear mongering, they look for solutions. They are able to work independently and share challenges, questions, and achievements!

Why is it good to be part of Action Circles?

  • Action Circles’ initiatives get publicity!
  • They become co-creators of the 2021 TEDxDanubia Countdown climate event.
  • The best will have the opportunity to present their work on stage, and of course will get all the necessary help in the preparation!
  • Leaders of Action Circles can participate in the TEDxDanubia Countdown 2021 event for free, and additional members of the circles will have an advantage when applying and receive discounted tickets.

What do Action Circles do?

  1. Looking through reduce / reuse / recycle glasses, they rethink what they could do about climate change in their own environment / life situation and take concrete steps to achieve it, be it local action or raising global awareness. They share the steps, results and experiences with each other.
  2. They take part in the compilation of a so-called the “Code of Conduct” with their opinions and suggestions, which will be completed by the 2021 TEDxDanubia Countdown event!
  3. They will help plan the 2021 conference and the best circles will get to introduce themselves on stage.

What is the result?

The efforts of TED Countdown and other climate protection organizations will be multiplied, moreover, the issues and solutions of the climate challenge can be interpreted according to local specificities.

Specific programs are being implemented or launched that have a positive impact on climate change.

Through the program, a reduce / reuse / recycle toolkit will be developed, which will help with implementation socially.

Circle leaders will attend the spring event, and some of their members will have the chance to introduce themselves on stage and report on what has happened in the Action Circles.


  1. ASAP: If you are interested, sign up!
  2. 15 October: We introduce the Action Circle program at the virtual TEDxDanubia Countdown event.
  3. End of January: We invite the leaders and interested parties of the Action Circles to an informal discussion, where we will get to know each other and the details of the program.
  4. From January to 22 April, we plan to meet 3-5 times in person or online to help each other’s efforts and to help groups with best practices, good ideas, guidelines!

If you have any questions regarding application, write to us at

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